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PowerPoint cuts off embedded sounds

Friday, February 12th, 2010

I was making a presentation in PowerPoint 2007 sp1. Yes it does matter what service pack you have, I encountered that animations done in sp1 did not work the same in PowerPoint without the service pack. The long story short, some sound files were not played completely during the slide show, even though preview did play them completely. After changing actual files with audacity (trying to make the sound files play correctly), I realized that if the files are not embedded in the presentation they are played just fine. I know there is sp2, but I did not want to update to it before my presentation is over. And in general, OpenOffice is waiting for my next presentation.

C++ logger class

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I was looking for a logger implementation for one of my projects. I needed a few features: simultaneous output to a console and a log file, efficiency, and ease of use. Quick google search revealed a few candidates: Apache log4cxx, and Pantheios. Do it yourself articles (example) about home made logging I ignored, because I have done enough of those (Boost Logging Library v2 is in the same category for me). Given that my primary platform is Windows, log4cxx was dropped, as windows was not directly supported.

Compiling a few examples for pantheios was not difficult, but getting it to do exactly what I planned, which is to have output to a console and a file at the same time, was a little more challenging. The solution was not obvious from the documentation, and sample name mx.1 did not stand out to me as meaning Mixing different back ends. But after searching in pantheios forums I have found the answer to my question.

At the end of the day Pantheios was my choice. We will see how happy I will be with it after I play with it for a while.