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Soul development as the next evolutionary step

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

I suspect that most people will name “soul” as the main difference between animals and humans. They will not be able to define what it is, but it is still a basis for the difference. Now, let’s look at the evolutionary steps: inorganic (minerals) to organic (up to animals) to consciousness (humans) to X (Read Ishmael to find out why there is X). Humans redefine rules of evolution (natural selection does not apply any more), but evolution shall continue (why would it stop?). It seems to me that we are stepping into “soul evolution”, or whatever you want to call it, stage. Animals could not develop brains without presence of required organic molecules. When these molecules became available, brain was developed and used to advance the evolution. The next stop is soul development. There is no point to make it more esoteric than it is, instead it is reasonable to find a rationale behind this progression. The only problem is that souls do not live in four dimensions that we live in. The other dimensions (if any) must be understood, before their inhabitants can be met. It seems that souls will not be available until a human has reached certain level of awareness. And this is a circular argument: no awareness – no soul is visible, no soul is visible – no need to develop awareness. On the bright side, animals did not become aware of the brains, until they started to use it. We will see if we have the time to use this approach.

Alexander Shyrokov has reviewed

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Autoscale-80x80 A documentary about how food is made in US. Good questions, and good attitudes. The movie tried to be too sentimental at times, but still it had delivered the message! I never thought about how customers change the supplier. According to the movie, fast food chains are the largest customer for meet, and crops. Now it is only logical to see that the production methods from fast food chains must be applied to the food suppliers if they are too support the demand. How good are the methods? That is for you to decide. On the other hand, we are the customers for the food chains. They will give us what we ask them for. Hence, we vote for what kind of food we get with every meal we purchase! That is a lot of power in our hands.

The cove

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

the coveInteresting documentary that focuses on one particular place in Japan, where dolphins are slaughtered. It is a story of a man who is trying to undo something that he had started. Some moments were really intense (better than action movies), some were very brutal. The goal of the movie is to rise awareness about the issue of dolphin captivity and killings. The author says, that if it is not possible to stop killing in one particular place, then it is not possible to address the global problem of killing whales and dolphins world wide.

Find duplicate files using OpenOffice.Calc

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I had a problem of having a set of directories with some files duplicated in some of the directories. The search for a software to remove duplicate files did not reveal any free utilities to accomplish this task. So I decided to use OpenOffice.Calc to do the job.

  • First I got the list of all the files:
    dir /b/s >list.csv
  • Then, I opened list.csv in OpenOffice.Calc and used this formula to extract only the file name:
  • After that, I sorted the sheet by the file names and added a formula that detected duplicate file names:
  • Search for the string DUP (in values) quickly showed me where the duplicates are.

I know it was not as easy as running a specific program, but it was easier for me to do that than to find a free software.

The Holy

Monday, October 5th, 2009

The HolyThe Holly by Daniel Quinn.

I was and is greatly impressed with Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Hence, I am trying hard to find the same greatness in his other books by comparing them to Ishmael. I understand, though, that every work must be judged by itself and not as a clone of something else. Still, it seems to me, that all of the Daniel’s books, I have read, do touch the similar subjects and talk about the same messages. Surprisingly, each time, the author finds very different angles to deliver the messages, which is very entertaining.

The Holy did not impress me as something exceptional. It did not provide the comprehensive picture of the environment and did not even hinted into the direction of how the environment can be explained. The notion of “them” vs “us” is an old one and is well popularized by Matrix movies. But Matrix does show how this separation came about, why it was possible, and where it would lead. I failed to grasp that reading The Holy. The book, of course, is well written and reminded me of Master and Margarita by Bulgakov. Still I found myself waiting for something more until the very end of the book. In my opinion, the last few chapters of the book contained the important things, which were not really explored during the rest of the book.