I am making dreams come true... one program at a time. Computer must be helpful! Here are some of my projects:
ExpWiz, Freetsx, CreGen, SSR, SJGUI, Thesis, Tai Chi, Old programs

Tetris Link DIce - simple and quick way to roll dice for Tetris Link game

I just did not like the noise the dice made on the table.

Static Line Interactive - parachute flight simulation software for skydivers

Simulator for a ram-air parachutes that lets you face the challenges of flying a canopy in different conditions. More...

PhD dissertation - multi-threaded spoken dialogs in the presence of driving

Status: Finished at 2010
The problem addressed in this research is that engineers looking for interface designs do not have enough data about the interaction between multi-threaded dialogs and manual-visual tasks. Our goal was to investigate this interaction. More...

Experiment Wizard - experiment automation

Date started: 16/08/2008
Experiment Wizard is a cross platform open source automation tool for scientific experiments. It defines the XML schema for experiment administration, and provides GUI application to execute created experiments. It can be a replacement of a checklist or a complete automation tool. It can be used for human-human or human-computer experiments. More...

Freetsx - open source project as

Status: Separated on 08/01/2003
Date started: 07/01/2002
This is plug-ins developer area for trueSpace, along with other resources. During my learing of trueSpace I found that some things are missing, so I have created a couple of plug-ins to solve problems that I had. I decided not just share them, but also create a place for people to share  their plugins with the community. More...

CreGen - autimatic skeleton meshing

cregenStatus: Frozen
Date started: 07/01/2003
The goal of this project was to get myself familiar with wxWidgets and test some of my ideas about mesh generation from the skeleton, which is the opposite of what is usually is done by 3D animators. Procedure of creating a mesh from the skeleton is called meshing. More...

SSR - remake of slot racers

ssr screenshootStatus: Finished on 08/19/2003
Date started: Summer 2002
It is a remake of the game for Atari 2600"Slot Racers" by Warren Robinett. For me it was fun, learning and... fun again. Though it took away some evenings and weekends. More...

SJGUI - open source project at

ssr screenshootStatus: Separated on 06/07/2003
Date started: Summer 2002
sjgui is a gui framework for use in interactive OpenGL applications. The main goal is to provide very easy and fast way to develop portable interactive interfaces, using object-oriented approach. It is easily expendable to suit your needs. More...

I was using this library in my game SSR

Master's Thesis - library for organization of image recognition systems

Status: Finished at 2002
In many recognition problems it is possible to divide the recognition task into a collection of separate processes. This thesis develops a method that simplifies the creation of automatic recognition systems. More...

Educational program on TAI CHI

taiStatus: Finished in 2000
An interactive educational program on 42-form of The Yang Style of Tai Chi. I was working mostly as an interface designer for the program. Only limited copies were produced. More...

Old programs

Status: Forgotten after 2002
Some old programs, which I did put online, but now I have no time to write more meaningful descriptions for them. More...