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The goal of this project was to get myself familiar with wxWidgets and test some of my ideas about mesh generation from a skeleton, which is the opposite of what is usually is done by 3D animators. The procedure of creating a mesh from the skeleton is called meshing.

As a result I have created a program which allows definition (modeling) of a skeleton with no constrains on number of joints. Any number of bones can be connected to a single joint. The user interface is shown in the first two screenshots (floating toolbars, multiple resizable views, command control, mouseinput, batch files). Results of meshing are shown for two different skeletons.

Gui demonstration 1 Gui demonstration 2 Bird wireframeman wireframebird solidMan solid
User Interface
Generated wireframes
Generated solids

As for right now the project is frozen until I get more time to make import/export functions, so it could be used with other modeling packages.