Universe structure and thoughts

I have accepted a long time ago that thoughts are energy patterns (meaning that thoughts can affect physical world), but just recently I started to understand implications of the logical chain that connects thoughts to physical world based on this assumption.

Everything in the universe is energy, matter is a specific form of energy. We also know the energy conservation law: energy can only be transformed. Now, if thoughts are energy, than they must have a manifestation in the universe. In simple terms they are part of the universe as we see it. Given that we have a choice of what we think and how we think, we automatically making choice about how the universe looks at any given point. In short, there is a part of universe that is always shaped by our thoughts, similar to a sand box where we play. How much influence our sand box has on the rest of the universe? I guess it depends.

This explains how it is possible to read thoughts, all we need to do is look at the part of universe that corresponds to someone else thoughts (into their sandbox). I am not sure if there are any privacy laws in the universe, hence I think that anyone can “look” at anything (whatever look means in this context), the only requirement is the skill of “looking”. This also explains how we get new thoughts. Wind blows over our sandbox and forms new patterns, which we interpret as our thoughts.

I bet others have come up with the same analogies, it would be interesting to read about them.

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